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Living A Life Unleashed

Have you ever experienced the feeling that you were created for more? Not necessarily to do more or have more but that sense that you have talents and skills that are untapped and waiting to be unleashed?

What would be possible when you play full out and live fully into who you were created to be?


Sometimes our vision for life, our career, leadership, relationships, is unclear. Or, we can easily get distracted and pulled off track. Perhaps we have not taken time to be intentional and create a compelling future to live into. No matter how successful we are, we have habits and mindsets that limit possibility. There is always room to grow and level up!


Living a Life Unleashed is designed to be a catalyst for growth and transformation in your life. To provide you with coaching and training to spark ideas, get unstuck and gain new insights that compel you to action to play full out and live fully into who you were created to be, in every aspect of your life. It's about taking action, not just accumulating information. Living a Life Unleashed is about Transformation. 


Are you ready to play full out? Let us journey with you. 

Unleash Your Potential

The time is now.

An exciting and fulfilling life is one where we are constantly learning, growing, stretching our comfort zones... exploring and living out our passion. It's about the contribution we make to the world with our unique gifts and talents. Being the person and leader that invests our time unleashing the greatness in ourselves and others.


Join me for the 2-day Leadership Unleashed experience. When you show up "all in" you will experience transformation! 

Cheering you on,

Lisa B.

Take The Next Step!

Leadership Unleashed

Two-Day Leadership Experience

(As we navigate this current season we are holding our next breakthrough training session dates loosely.

Email lead@livingalifeunleashed.com to receive updates on our next training session).

It's time for a breakthrough in 2020!

Leading is a tremendous gift and responsibility.  How are you investing in your leadership?


Great leaders are perpetual learners. They continue to challenge themselves to bring forth the best in themselves and those around them. Being a leader that others want to follow requires examining your paradigms, patterns of thinking, actions, and behaviors. Whether you are seasoned or new to leadership, this training will equip you to create an unprecedented impact as you invest in and lead others, in any capacity.


You can read books and listen to podcasts about leadership, yet creating breakthroughs in your leadership requires more than learning new material. It requires discovery and action. Becoming aware of your current impact as a leader, your limiting beliefs, and ways of "being" that hinder your effectiveness. Redesigning the way you think about leadership, making powerful declarations about the type of person you are committed to being as you lead, and taking action, creates giant leaps forward.


In our two days together, you will be empowered, inspired, and resourced to come alive and make a lasting impact with your life.


Unleash your leadership. Create new possibilities. Design a compelling future.


Key Takeaways:

  • Developing the characteristics of a transformational leader

  • Creating awareness of blind spots hindering your leadership effectiveness

  • Identifying limiting beliefs and automatic assumptions about yourself and others

  • Creating environments of trust

  • Declaring and living into your leadership vision

  • Owning and stewarding your impact as a leader

  • Listening and creating honest conversations

  • Giving and receiving feedback

  • Seeing "difficult" conversations and conflict as a resource

  • Growing in humility and authenticity


The training sessions will consist of lecturettes, group discussions, skill-building exercises, and real-time coaching.


Who is this training for?

  • Leaders in Business, Ministry, and Education

  • Church Staff Members, Lay Leaders & Ministry Teams

  • Seasoned, new, and up-and-coming leaders committed to transforming their leadership, powerfully serving and impacting the lives of those around them.



Check back for our next training dates or email lead@livingalifeunleashed.com to receive updates on our next breakthrough training session.



Regular Rate $325

Early-bird Rate $275





Non-refundable. Enrollment is transferable.


This transformational training is based upon Christian principles

and is offered to the general public.
Romans 12:2, Philippians 2:3-4


Ready to lead with maximum impact?


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Have you graduated from the Leadership Unleashed training? Coaching is available for Leadership Unleashed graduates. Now that you have begun to identify limiting beliefs and habits that are holding you back from creating an extraordinary life, work with a coach to continue to craft and get clear on your vision. Get ongoing support in taking massive action to live into a compelling future in every aspect of life.



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This 2-day experience truly transformed me. It unleashed leadership qualities I was unaware I had and could leverage to take me to the next level of leadership. Lisa is an excellent facilitator, asking the right questions at the right time and creating a safe place to be open about challenges and blind spots. I 

would highly recommend the training to those open to growing in all areas of life in which they lead.


This course reignited my passion for people and leadership. I learned so much about myself as a whole and look forward to continued growth as I put what I learned into practice.


Leadership Unleashed is dynamic, personal, and actionable. I walked away with a greater understanding of leadership that is truly transformational for myself and others. I am walking away with a vision that is meaningful, and practical next steps on how I will live into that vision for who I am as a leader and how that impacts others. I am truly grateful for these two days.

- Jaime

This training was instrumental in defining the type of leader I choose to be. How I show up and my presence is so important. Now I am empowered to really lead.


Your Trainer and Coach


Lisa is passionate about unleashing the extraordinary in people and teams. She has a rich professional path that has shaped her into the transformational trainer and coach she is today. She brings 20+ years of experience in working with Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and nonprofit organizations.

Lisa has worked as a Corporate Solutions Consultant and Trainer with Dale Carnegie Training® and as a Contract Training Consultant for Deloitte®. She is currently Director of Women's Ministry and Director of Leadership Development for small groups at Park Community Church. As well as a Training Delivery Consultant with FranklinCovey®.

Lisa holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Illinois State University. She is also a certified MCORE Coach and has a Coachnet – Leadership Development Coach Certification.


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